Therapy Stack

We are proud to have developed a state of the art product serving behavioral health specialists through our product, Therapy Stack.  Partnering with industry experts that work on the front line our product is able to offer a compliant, cloud-based, mobile-friendly solution that is customized to the provider’s practice.  We would love to share the features with you if you are in need of an Electronic Health Record system.  The system is convertible to other specialties.


Intuitive, simple and easily customized.

Therapy Stack is structured to be intuitive and easy to use in your practice. Our goal is to provide you with a helpful and flexible environment for practice management needs. Please review the following features:


Manage all your scheduling needs in one convenient place with Therapy Stack. Based on your assigned user status, you can view monthly, weekly and daily calendars for yourself, specific clinicians or the entire practice. Users can add and view agendas for each individual appointment, helping them better prepare for client appointments.

Schedules are available in multiple formats, allowing you to view them in the manner that best suits your needs -view onscreen, export to PDF, or export to your digital calendar.


Having easy access to detailed reports measuring client, clinician and practice outcomes is a necessity. Therapy Stack eliminates the need to manually create and analyze reports, freeing you up to concentrate on the important aspects of your practice - your clients.

With an extensive menu of reporting capabilities, you can generate a variety of tailored reports. If the data you need is not available, we will customize a report to meet your specific needs.



With Therapy Stack you can rest easy knowing you are in full compliance with HIPAA and best practices in the industry. Here are just a few of the ways Therapy Stack keeps your information protected:

  • User actions are automatically logged, creating a powerful audit trail
  • Individual users have access to the data necessary to successfully do their job - no more, no less
  • Strong passwords are required, creating a more secure website
  • Basic Benefit...with fully encrypted database and website access
  • SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center and regularly scheduled data back-ups
  • Powerful firewalls protect servers


Therapy Stack's education features include review and approval of notes. Our real-time notifications allow clinical supervisors to manage notes easily and efficiently.


Searchable & Autocomplete ICD-10 codes.


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